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Master Spot Volley
The web platform for geolocating volleyball spots!

Where are we now?

Nowadays deploying a mobile application is expensive, in addition, there is a need for more resources, technology and know-how. We don't just want to create a Mobile APP, but rather a cross-platform environment that will meet the needs of each user. 

In order to successfully complete our project and provide you with the best possible experience, we need to develop a robust, scalable and easily maintainable environment.

The Mocks-up of the new mobile application are underway of realization. And the technical and functional specifications is itself in the process of being demarcated.

We are currently defining the development priorities for the selected functionalities and we are already anticipating future developments to be implemented.

With this in mind and in order to speed up this long and arduous phase, you have the possibility to help us. All voluntary help, financial contributions or partnerships of any kind are welcome. So, it's up to you and thank you!


Each of your contributions will bring us one step closer to MSV 3.0

Our goal

La réalisation de l’APP Mobile et de la Start UP Master Spot Volley 3.0 pour 2024.

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This will allow us to reach our goal: July 2024 😉

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