Who are we?

Master Spot Volley
The web platform for geolocating volleyball spots!

Les forces en présence!

Aujourd’hui déployer une application coûte cher, en ressources, en technologie et en savoir-faire. 

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Each of your contributions allows us to develop the MSV 3.0 version.

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The right alliances needed to realise the Mobile APP and the Master Spot Volley 3.0 Start UP.

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Designer & Motion

A lot of work and investment to offer you a mobile APP with an attractive design.

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The Mobile APP and Start UP Master Spot Volley 3.0 made 100% from the heart.

A project born of a passion for volleyball

About us

Our team is composed of Franck, a web developer and former salesman with a passion for volleyball, and Amélie, a motion designer.

Nous travaillons en équipe, sur notre temps libre, pour améliorer la plate-forme existante et vous apporter prochainement une web app de qualité.

Illustration Franck
Web Developer - CEO of Master Spot Volley


A former salesman and volleyball player for over 35 years, Franck is the developer of the platform. He is currently working on the development of the web APP.

My Practice Spots and Inspirations
Motion Designer - CFO of Master Spot Volley


Freelance motion designer following a career change, Amélie works closely with Franck on current and future projects.

My Practice Spots and Inspirations
Illustration Amélie
visuel bienvenue master spot colorise

Our partners in the adventure

To offer a simple interface that interacts with your current preferences and desires, we need all types of volleyball sensibilities. Discover our partners!