Our concept around volleyball

Master Spot Volley
La plate-forme web de géolocalisation de terrains de volley-ball !

Master Spot Volley, a concept from the passion for volleyball.
Nous pouvons constater avec notre expérience que les current solutions to develop our discipline, its many nuances and practices, are only too little used.
Notre concept est de regrouper all volleyball enthusiasts and players in one place. The idea of a web-based geolocation platform de terrains de volley-ball s’est alors imposée à nous.

In 2018, we created the Beta 0.9 version of Master Spot Volley! This version lists the volleyball in all its forms (volley-ball, beach volley, green-volley, volley santé, snow volley…), its practices (indoor, outdoor,...) and its shades (standing, sitting, deaf,...) and offers a global vision of all events to come.

We were able to measure the interest for the project by seeing more than 500 people on this version.

Share your practice areas and points of interest in volleyball

Géolocaliser les terrains de VOLLEY ...

Wherever you are, wherever you plan to go, trouvez les terrains, lieux de pratique et Spots de volley-ball that surround you thanks to geolocation.

The aim is to list all ses Spots sur toutes les surfaces possibles (sable, salle, herbe, snow, ….) et de  mettre en lumière tout ce qui est lié au volley : tous les points of interest, in all their forms.

Playing fields

Nomadic spaces

Clubs and associations

Company and Shop



What is a Spot?

A Spot is a location (field), a group(of person, team, pair, ...) a company (manufacturer), a game (video or corporate), a doctor (sport), a game mode (sitting volleyball),... in short everything related to volleyball, its practices and its points of interest.

Some examples of Spots :

  • The nautical leisure base of Ile Charlemagne in Saint-Jean de Blanc: A place to practice beach volleyball outdoors.
  • Spike volleyball game: Volleyball video game.
  • Beach Team in Mulhouse : First French brand of beach volleyball outfits.
  • ECO (Étudiant Club Orléans): Volleyball and sitting volleyball club.
  • Parc des sports in Longueau: Green volleyball practice area.
  • Alexandra volley : Free website for trainers, coaches, managers,... of the volleyball world.
  • Funtec : Specialist in beach volleyball nets and kits.
  • Ziiip: Volleyball board game.
  • Volleyball unbound - Pro beach volleyball : Beach volleyball video game, ...

The Master Spot Volleyball platform allows you to consult and geolocate all the volleyball spots but also to create your own Spots.

What for?

Simply to enable you to :

  • recommend a company, a club, a sports doctor, a physiotherapist, an osteopath specialising in volleyball, etc.
  • reference your play areas
  • show and tell your practice locations
  • make known and communicate about your club
  • make the review a game (board or video)
  • ... , to all members of Master Spot volleyball.

Share your events and tournaments

List the EVENTS

Wherever you are, wherever you plan to go, find or report the existence of Volleyball spots that surround you thanks to geolocation.

The aim is to list all Events and to highlight all that is related to the events of the volleyball movement : all types of events, in all their forms.


Training courses


Announcements of offers

Application announcements

What is an Event?

An Event is a volleyball-related event!

Some examples of Events:

  • A match
  • A tournament
  • A conference
  • A wanted, ...

What is a Wanted?

It is a research, related to volleyball!

Some examples of Wanted:

  • The search for a new club by a player,
  • The recruitment of a coach by a club,
  • Finding teammates for a tournament
  • Organising a carpool to attend a volleyball match, ...

We are counting on you to continue to offer us your Events so that the whole volleyball community can benefit and our sport can continue to develop and grow.

Trouve, développe ou crée ta propre tribu volley

Centralize the community

The volleyball community reunited in one place! Discuss with your friends and your family knowledge volleyball. Exchange concepts, training, new regulations with people close to your network. Invite your friends and acquaintances to play and share the volleyball spirit !

Follow your friends

Joining a group

Find partners

A space to communicate, meet and organise

Master Sport Volley, it's Spots but it's also friends, partners, a tribe.

Find acquaintances, find playing partners, for leisure or competition.

We count on you to create your volleyball community. This will allow you to know who among your tribe is available to play when and where you want.

In this way our sport will continue to develop and grow.

partie de beach volley

Share your gaming sessions and find games

Manage game sessions

The weather is fine and you have desire to play ? Inform your tribe of the time and place for share a good time.

Receive invitations to play with your friends at your favourite venues, at times that suit you.


On the move

In research

Tell the community that you are ready to play

Master Sport Volley allows you to manage game sessions and quickly notify your tribe of your desire to play!


By sending a message to all your friends:

  • the date,
  • the schedule,
  • the place,
  • the number of people expected, ...

They can therefore easily and simply validate their availability or not. Share the volleyball spirit!

Our mobile APP project

To offer a simple interface that interacts with your preferences and desires of the moment. A solution that adapts to the way you play or consume your passion for volleyball.

visuel bienvenue master spot colorise