Our partners

Without them, without you, Master Spot Volley is nothing! Thank you for believing in our project.

Where are we now?

Today, deploying an application is expensive in terms of resources, time and technology.  


Each of your contributions will bring us one step closer to MSV 3.0

Our goal

La réalisation de l’APP Mobile et de la Start UP Master Spot Volley 3.0 pour 2024

We need all the forces, sensibilities and philosophies of volleyball

Build my volleyball 3.0 platform with them!

We work closely with companies and individuals for whom volleyball is a passion.

We were joining forces with those who believe in sharing the spirit of volleyball and who, like us, want version 3.0 of MSV!

logo dessam web

Dessam Web

Web development company, sensitive to the needs of craftsmen, small businesses and associations.

Logo motion dessam

Motion Dessam

Self-employed motion designers, alongside small companies, associations and/or craftsmen.

logo beach team

Beach Team

The first French responsible brand of Beach Volleyball dedicated to all those who share the Beach attitude!

logo beach park

Beach Park

Beach Team enables clubs and individuals to have their own Beach Park and supports them in this project.

logo funtec


Innovative company and developer of beach volleyball. Specialist in beach volleyball equipment!

EcoVolley Tour

Master Spot partenaire du challenge de volley-ball éthique de la région Grand Est ! Rejoignez-nous.

logo wilson


The Wilson ball has been the official ball of the AVP since 1996, but did you know that its history dates back to 1914.


CROSSNET, le nouveau sport parfait pour les joueurs de tous les âges. Le premier à marquer 11 points gagne !

You too can become a partner of Master Spot Volleyball

With us!

Join us in the crazy and beautiful adventure of Master Spot Volley!

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Our mobile APP project

To offer a simple interface that interacts with your preferences and desires of the moment. A solution that adapts to the way you play or consume your passion for volleyball.