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To propose a functional website

Identifying the appeal

To highlight gaps in the representation of volleyball and its practices.

Example: Less than 50% of clubs have a website worthy of the name.

Functional solution

To offer users the possibility of consulting volleyball spots and events.

Already usable at your holiday location and on the move.

Collecting Spots

List and integrate all permanent or ephemeral practice areas, associations, shops, etc.

Creating a community

Bringing together enthusiasts who share the spirit and values of volleyball!

Pro-active approach

To provide the community with innovative solutions and offer everyone the opportunity to play volleyball in their own way.

Open to all

Register for free! Share your play sessions with us or take possession of your club's Spotlight.

Some numbers

Since 2018, we have launched a Beta demo version to present our idea of ​​Master Spot Volley.

Volleyball spots
Different countries
Unique visitors

From now on, discover the volleyball spots around you!

You can now register and view the more than 1500 Spots of volleyball already existing on this version 0.9.

In registering you for this version of Master Spot VolleyYou stipulate your interest in our project. 

By delivering one of your top spots, whether it is in the sand, on grass, in gymnasium and even in the snow you actively contribute to its development. By registering a tournament or an event, you will become part of the tribe. Thank you for your support!

Help us develop MSV Volley 3.0

Contribute in any way you like to the development of the mobile app. Thank you!

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