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Find volleyball courts, events, game sessions, a tribe anywhere and anytime...

Discover our volleyball net rental service for a weekend or for holidays.

Our concept

Around the passion for volleyball in all its forms and practices.

Geolocate the courts

Wherever you are, wherever you plan to go, find Spots, land, points of interest thanks to geolocation.

List events

You have an advertisement to pass for a tournament, a club, a partner, a beach ground, ... Post it on MSV !

Centralize the community

The volleyball community in one place! Post, comment, exchange, share the volleyball spirit!

Manage game sessions

The weather is nice and you want to play? Inform your tribe of a time and place to share a good time.

Des solutions de pratique

Pas d'infrastructure à proximité ? Master Spot Volley met à votre disposition les équipements nécessaires à la pratique en location ou à la vente !

Mobile APP Project

MASTER SPOT VOLLEY, aims to list all the points of interest related to volley-ball !

In order to make things more easy for everyday, we want to develop a complete environment that we could deploy on all terminals: with a Web App and an Mobile App.

And thus be able to benefit from features of last generation such as push notifications, artificial intelligence, etc. in a multilingual version and advanced geolocation features.

bandeau MSV

To offer a global vision of the spots and the world of volleyball, in real time

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Find permanent, ephemeral playgrounds, ...

ballon molten


Identify the clubs and associations around you.

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Find specific and local OEMs.

screen entrer vos tournois


View event and tournament sessions.

photo session de jeu


Methods for organizing play sessions.

partie de beach volley


Quickly identify your friends, your tribe or partners.

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Consult all the announcements or rent equipment.

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A news feed

Consult the news related to volleyball and its practices.

Help us develop the volleyball 3.0 platform

By contributing to the development of Master Spot Volley!

In order to build this project by 2024, we have need your support.

For this, we opted for several supports.

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Our shop Master Spot Volley
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Our Master Spot volleyball events

By discovering the latest products on the shop

By calling on Master Spot Volley for a volleyball event

From dynamism, fun and the sharing ! Suggest a volleyball event, is to offer its guests good humor and action.

From the supply of equipments until theanimation, Master Spot Volleyball accompanies you in your ephemeral project.

The mad desire for a permanent volleyball spot in your environment? We can help you let's help to set it up!

By the day

Need a volleyball event for your campsite, seminar, launch or birthday.

Made to measure

We study your needs and propose an adapted animation.

Special launch offer

5% off your first order with the code: "firstonmsv"

Discover Master Spot Volley in Beta version

Since 2018, we have launched a Beta demo version to present our idea of ​​Master Spot Volley.

Volleyball spots
Different countries
Unique visitors

Events to follow!

The latest articles that talk about our news.

News Partenariat

Master Spot Volley, partner of the EcoVolley Tour Grand Est.

Master Spot Volley, plateforme 100 % volley-ball, est fière d’être partenaire de l'EcoVolley Tour Grand Est. Cette collaboration stratégique vise à...
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Découvrez le ballon de volley éco-responsable de Wilson

Master Spot Volley est fier de vous présenter le ballon de volley éco-responsable de Wilson, la Shoreline Eco VB. Fabriqué...
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Louez votre kit Spikeball Pro Edition et jouez n’importe où !

Spikeball est un jeu d'équipe passionnant qui offre une expérience de jeu unique et compétitive, souvent comparé au volley-ball. Si...
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Rent your volleyball net for your summer sports events with Master Spot Volley.

L'été est la saison idéale pour organiser des événements sportifs en plein air, et quoi de mieux que de jouer...
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Volley Spirit

In volleyball: "Unity is strength!"

Le volley-ball est un sport collectif qui met l'accent sur le travail d'équipe, la communication, la confiance en soi et...
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L’évolution du nombre de passionnés de volleyball : une croissance constante

Le volleyball est un sport de ballon qui connaît depuis quelques années une forte croissance en termes de pratiquants et...
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Pourquoi les clubs de volley ont-ils tout intérêt à avoir un site internet ?

Les clubs de volley sont des structures sportives qui permettent aux passionnés de ce sport de se retrouver et de...
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Aider les passionnés à trouver des terrains et des sessions

Créé en 2018 sous la forme d'une bêta pour répondre à un besoin basique : Aider les passionnés du volley-ball...
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Volleyball at the 2024 Olympic Games

Parlons de la présence de notre sport aux JO Paris 2024 qui, comme beaucoup le savent, se dérouleront en France !...
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Join the Master Spot Volleyball adventure

Since 2018, we have launched a demo Beta version to present our idea of Master...
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Why Master Spot Volley !

In 2018, we created the Beta 0.9 version of Master Spot Volley! This version lists volleyball in all its forms and...
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Our concept around volleyball

Geolocate all volleyball, beach volleyball, green volleyball, snow volleyball, etc. Spots and events. In short, volleyball in all its forms.

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